Wasting money on a new phone. From Toothpaste For Dinner.
The man who does not do his own thinking is a slave, and is a traitor to himself and to his fellow-men.  Robert Green Ingersoll, “The Liberty of Man, Woman and Child” (via lnfernal666)

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Bratmobile - Gimme Brains

A girl could starve on a boy like you!

So relatable

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I guess this falls into the Inktober category. 
Edit - This will also be in the WoolfPack Hallow-Zine. 
Really nice blue mushroom from yesterday’s walk #mushroom #nature


I look cute right now my camera just doesn’t understand

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Eye brow game: forever strong
Regular game:fucking terrible

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"Pitcher of Iced Tea"="Picture of Ice T"

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Just laughed so loud
I promise you nothing is as chaotic as it seems. Nothing is worth diminishing your health. Nothing is worth poisoning yourself into stress, anxiety, and fear.  Steve Maraboli (via purplebuddhaproject)

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what a lil cutie